Malawi Day 1: The Power of The Testimony

The power and testimony of what took place in Malawi is beyond what even my own mind can comprehend. It is always so difficult to return to “normal life” from daily walking in unity, power, outreach, and mission that such an amazing group was gathered together to accomplish.

Charlie and Brynn Shamp of Destiny Encounters and Darcy and Brenda Cummer of Blazing Faith Ministries did an awesome job of setting up the team and organizing all the details for us to come and be a part of this Open Heavens crusade in Lilongwe, Malawi. The preliminary conservative numbers were 130,000 souls came into the Kingdom. This is the number that will be reported though Darcy said he is 99% sure we could double that number.

Blind eyes were opened, lame people began to walk, deaf ears were opened, mute people began to speak, people were set free from the power of the enemy, meningitis was destroyed and broken bodies were restored. The numerous testimonies of these things is such an expansive list that it is overwhelming to think of.

Here is a testimony video from the first night of the crusade – 21 deaf instantly healed by the power of Jesus Christ

I have heard many share of testimonies they saw but you can only receive a measure of faith and power off of someone else’s testimony. Once you experience the power and presence of God for yourself, not only will you now have your own testimony, but you will be able to walk in new realms with Him that you have never experienced before. A personal testimony will bring you to a place of launching into the next dimension of power and faith that He has for you. Sharing this testimony will help you return to this place over and over again.

Because of this, I want to be faithful to share the testimonies of what I personally witnessed happen. This is my story:

I flew out Easter Sunday Morning which was another confirmation of what God has been sharing of Him releasing resurrection power. I had a flight to Washington DC which was part of God’s plan to release this power of resurrection and life over the governmental center that has begun to release death decrees since the changing of the guard at the beginning of this year.

I was able to stay with some friends in DC and share testimony of what God was doing. Before I left the following morning, God had finished paying off the last of the money that I owed for this trip. Throughout the lengthy travel, I was in constant expectation of what I knew God was going to do.

Our first day of ministry out was as exciting as it was intimidating. I was with a great group of people that I hardly knew, focused, in unity, on seeing the Kingdom of God come to Malawi. As I got off the van in a small out of the way village, we were surrounded by throngs of young children. The poverty was more than apparent, but these kids were so happy and full of joy to see us. I began to go around and touch as many of these kids and teenagers as possible. I believe that if Paul being a man of God had handkerchiefs taken from his body that were able to heal and set people free how much more should the power and blessing of God flow through my hands as well.

As I was talking with a few of the older teenagers that knew some english, I noticed that Sean was talking to someone off to the side I walked over to greet this man who was planing some rough boards and building brick molds. I introduced myself and began to share why I came to Malawi. If you have not heard the testimony of my son’s resurrection story, it is worth listening to here: Releasing Resurrection Power

After I shared this with Tokozan, he said that he was short sighted and could not even read the shirt I was wearing. He realized that if God was powerful enough to raise someone from the dead that He could heal his eyes. Sean and I prayed a very simple prayer and immediately he was able to read our shirts perfectly. His eyesight was restored to 100%. After this, he was eager to give his life to the Lord.

It was a little humorous that while Sean was praying with him, we were being called over to begin the village ministry that we had come there to do. God had already started moving and working in mighty ways before we were even technically ministering. The ease at which this testimony took place was so encouraging to both Sean and I that it helped set the tone for the rest of the trip. We were not here to work hard and strive, but to participate in what God was wanting to do by sharing the testimony of who He is and releasing His resurrection power!!!

You do not have to go to another country to share the testimony of what God is doing in your life right now. He is always working, moving, and speaking. You do not have to share some grand vision or miracle. All you need to do is share the testimony that God had given to you, what He is doing and what He is saying. Sharing this testimony releases the power of resurrection life, and transformation will take place in those who hear it. Whether you see an immediate miracle or a seed is planted for future harvest, your testimony is powerful and gives glory to God. Never hold back from speaking God’s words with boldness for His words do not return without accomplish His great purposes! Go out and get a fresh testimony today!!!

You are empowered to release resurrection power through your testimony of what God is doing in and around you that a great and mighty harvest may come forth!!! May boldness overtake you and cause the place where you are to be shaken by the very power of The Risen King Jesus!!! May new testimonies come forth in your life even as you share all that God has already done for you!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

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