The 40 (Book)

“LONG AGO, in the ages of history, a relic was discovered and used to propel its users into greater, deeper, more powerful and intimate times with The Lord. Once discovered and applied, this prize has literally changed the course of not only individuals, but entire nations and even generations. Kings and rulers have risen and fallen. Kingdoms and nations have been birthed and destroyed, but this relic has effected change that is potent and enduring throughout ancient times. Sadly, few in this time and generation have discovered this gem of old, and far fewer have ever dared apply it to their lives. This practical devotional-style resource will not only examine every major passage of fasting in the Bible, but will also bring practicality, encouragement, and teaching to those true warriors who desire to wield the kingdom-shaking, destiny-altering relic that has been hidden for eons. Whether you have never fasted in your life and desire to fast and pray for one day, forty days, or somewhere in between; this book will be vital for your daily personal walk as well as gaining a new understanding of a powerful principle that has proven effective for spiritual mystics, governmental rulers, disciples and warriors alike.” (Only shipping in the US. Shipping is included in price total.) Your signed copy will be shipped within 5-10 business days.