Who We Are

Set Free. Followers of The Way. Faith-filled. Believers. Sons and Daughters. Laid-down Lovers. Burning Ones. Fire Starters. Trail-blazers. Forerunners. Catalysts. Revivalists. Adventurers. Givers. Truth Speakers. Apostles. Prophets. Worshipers. Disciplers. Servants. Messengers. Watchmen.

There are many answers that one could respond with when asked of their original design. There are also different calls on each and every one that shape and mold their life and personality and most importantly- their destiny. Each of vast importance and each filled with the potential to be nation-shaking and atmosphere changing…when the appropriate and only true response of a resounding, “YES!!!”, is uttered before the beautiful feet of The Only One Who is worthy of all we have to give.

For us, that’s all that we can see ourselves doing, and it is truly the only thing that we ever want to do with our lives.

This is who we are. Simple people being simply obedient.


Jeremiah, the Man on Fire. The Living Word of the Lord shut up in His bones that bursts forth from his mouth as he speaks forth Fiery Truth and Life into all circumstances. Unwavering and unrelenting in Truth, the Lord breaks into the darkest of places and His glorious Light expels all darkness. With the gift of Faith, he is able to see beyond the naked eye and into the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven to see God’s heart and call it forth into a reality.


Katie, the Pure Fire of Yahweh. Worshiper at heart and in soul. Life would be nothing if one were unable to worship sweet Jesus. Intercessor standing in the gap that the plans and purposes of the Lord would be fulfilled in the earth. A Mother to His Little Ones. A Fiery Prophet freshly stepping into a newly released call of Prophet to the Nations. Entering the Throneroom to receive fresh revelation from the Father’s heart for His Creation, and in turn, speaking it forth into existence, calling the nations to step into the totality of their original design unto intimacy.



Azariah, the Mighty Warrior. Faith-filled six year old Lover of Jesus, Mighty in spirit and Gentle at heart. Defender of the innocent and Nurturer of the broken. Eyes of Life. Revival blazing in his bones, spoken forth from before his earthly creation. A psalmist in the making. He is a Fearless Evangelist who knows no stranger and loves to pray for each and every one, prophesying their destiny forth. Compassion fills his heart and he loves well. Prayer is the first response to any situation and Jesus faithfully answers him every time! Healing power flows from his hands as he places them upon the broken and hurting and restoration ensues.




DSC06525Elam, the Eternal Adventurer. Four year old Joyful Prophet of Truth. Joy embodied in a small but fierce frame from the day of his birth. Lives are transformed by a simple smile from his sweet face. The most unbreakable of walls will be shattered by Joy. Able to see and discern into the deepest parts and respond in the appropriate and shifting manner. One of few words yet wise beyond his years as he dwells in the Secret Place. Fear has no hold on him as he is immovable and steadfast in the physical as well as spiritual. Bold Fearlessness allows for him to seek the Adventure in all things and change the atmosphere.




Together, we desire to encourage, strengthen and build up His Kingdom through partnering with the Global Body of Christ!!!

“I yearn to come and be face-to-face with you and get to know you. For I long to impart to you the gift of the Spirit that will empower you to stand strong in your faith. Now, this means that when we come together and are side by side, something wonderful will be released. We can expect to be co-encouraged and co-comforted by each other’s faith!”
// Romans 1:11-12 TPT//

The Fires of Revival are lit in the hearts of His people by the intimacy we have with Him. The sustainability of this Fire is strengthened as we encourage and lift each other up and cry out to Him for more of His presence!!!

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