Headed to Malawi, Releasing Resurrection Power!!!

Today! On Resurrection Day, Jeremiah will embark on his journey to Malawi, Africa! He will be joining a fiery team of 40 miracle workers with Destiny Encounters, to gather in the Harvest in Lilongwe!

Katie went to Pakistan with Destiny Encounters in 2019 and saw a mighty Harvest of 550,000 souls. Incredible signs, wonders, and miracles came forth as they ministered to the people. We are believing for an even greater Harvest in Lilongwe, Malawi to come forth.

You can see with your own eyes what a sea of souls looks like as the Global Harvest is brought forth in the documentary below from their time in Pakistan. We pray it will supercharge your spirit with fire and hunger for souls; and to be the very answer to the heart’s cry of Jesus that Father would thrust forth laborers into the Superabundant Harvest!!!

Earlier in 2019, Destiny Encounters also took a team into the city of Blantyre, Malawi, where God moved powerfully and mighty signs and wonders came forth as The Word was spoken with boldness. Check out the video below to see what happened before.

I (Jeremiah) have been pressing in for a release of resurrection power since Jan 19th and am looking for the fullness to come forth in a mighty way. Tens of thousands of souls will be saved, healed, set free, and delivered.

Yes, and even raised from the dead by the power of God. I was recently reminded that my grandfather prayed and saw his mother raised from the dead. My father prayed and someone was raised from the dead. I prayed for my son, and he was raised from the dead. This spiritual inheritance is in my bloodline, and I declare exponential increase coming forth for me and my family!!!

The Word will go forth in power and love. We have overcome by the blood of The Lamb and The Word of our testimony and we will lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel.

May God look on our boldness and grant that an abundance of sign, wonders and miracles will come forth to confirm His Word in Jesus’ name!!!

I am a battle axe and am ready to demolish and destroy every work of the enemy. It is time to tear down darkness and build up the presence of The Lord that He may receive the reward of His sacrifice!!!

There is still $985 left for the mission to be fully funded. Follow the link below to sow into the mighty harvest in Malawi and reap the abundance that will bear fruit into eternity!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!! & Katie, Pure Fire of Yahweh

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