#JAN6 What Really Happened

On January 6, Jeremiah joined a group of ministers from across the United States in Washington D.C. to stand their watch, pray, and minister to those gathering in protest of the Congressional count of the electoral votes.

Amongst all that transpired and the narrative that was broadcast across the MSM, a tidal wave of censorship rolled across the nation; silencing and deleting the truth and evidence of those who were there. As a result, mass confusion has transpired that has not only caused a great uproar, but a dividing in The Church.

The team will be sharing their testimonies of their time there and what God is speaking and doing tonight. The documentary, “#JAN6 What Really Happened” will be premiering at 9PM EST on Destiny Encounters YouTube Channel linked below.

The darkness cannot overcome the Light, nor comprehend it; it is extinguished. Please join us and hear the truth. Also, please share the video and get the word out.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Jeremiah, Man on Fire | Katie, Pure Fire of Yahweh

#JAN6 What Really Happened

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