Waiting to Begin

Since October of last year, God has been using us to start and strengthen a ministry that came to be known as Fire by Night.  After all the crazy adventures and growth that God had done in me last year, this was the only thing I truly felt free here in the US doing.  Door after door seemed to shut to everything I felt able and willing to do.  Fire by Night was the only thing that I saw God truly blessing.  Well that is not entirely true, but more to follow.  The vision of Fire by Night was birthed out of Friday Fires in England and India where God moved mightily as we met and let the Holy Spirit guide us.  When the church was first started, Paul said “Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification” (1 Corinthians 14:26).  This was a founding premise of Fire By Night that everyone who came together had something to share.  We have seen people of all generations gather and flow as the Holy Spirit gave them something to share.  Children as young as 3 were touched by the Lord to share something He had spoken to them.  Obviously, this was blessed by God and has continued successfully for almost a full year and will continue to do so for a long time!!!  Even during the times that we were waiting and “in between the rains” God was using us to build His Kingdom and preparing us for what lied ahead!!!  

I encourage you, that even in times of waiting and dryness, continue to serve the Lord in the way you know best, and He will use this to bring you to a place where you can serve Him powerfully in the times of fruitfulness!!!

The other thing that I saw God blessing mightily was my relationship with a beautiful woman of God!!!  He spoke to me that this was my main ministry at this time.  At the end of this month (Aug 25), I will truly become the most blessed man alive and will be celebrating the beginning of a grand adventure with my Beloved Katie!!!

As the time for our new life together approached, there was much difficulty in hearing God about what the next step for us would be.  God remained faithful, as He always does, and spoke to us clearly and overwhelmingly that He was leading us to “Go into all the world, to strengthen and encourage His church and bring Fire to the nations!!!”  He commanded us to go “With Haste!” and we desire to be totally obedient to Him.

As quickly as September 7th, we will be beginning our adventures that will literally take us around the world.  I have contacts through YWAM and my many adventures already, and God is leading us to visit many of them to strengthen and encourage them and pioneer their visions into actions.  We are asking that you would partner with us as we are obedient to Jesus just as He spoke to us to “Follow Me!!!”

Please partner with us in one or more ways:

First, please continually lift us up in prayer as we are truly living by faith.  We covet your prayer for provision, protection, and great fruitfulness as we seek to be completely obedient to the Lord!!!

Second, please follow our journey here and share our adventures and testimonies with your friends that God may get all of the glory He deserves!!!

Finally, if God is speaking to you to help fund His ministry as we partner with Him you will find an online donation link and an address where you can mail checks on the side of this page.

Please know that your partnership with us is greatly appreciated. Be blessed with a continual increase of Holy Spirit and Fire!!!

Jeremiah and Katie (Soon to Be) Gibson

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