Follow Me!!!

As my new life with Katie was getting closer and closer to beginning and still without any specific word of direction, I  began to seek the Lord harder than ever for a specific word of direction.  As I said before, it seemed like every door was closed to me and I was getting no answer from the Lord.

Finally, about one month before the wedding, God spoke an ultimate word of direction that I knew was from Him and felt without a doubt that He was calling me to do.  He said “Follow Me!!!”  Now, when asking for a word, I am always full of joy when the Lord speaks.  However, when I am looking for a specific word, and I get such a general word that we all should be doing anyway, I am not so happy.  I mean what was God saying through this?  Aren’t we all called to become followers of Him and walk just as He walked?

As I began to investigate this more, this is the universal call that He commands all of us to do, but sadly many of us have forgotten.  This is the same call to obedience and to “take up our crosses daily” (Luke 9:23).  Not only are we supposed to be obedient, but we are to begin to look more like Jesus, talk more like Jesus, think more like Jesus, act more like Jesus… Following Him is a simple command, but it is a lifelong adventure that will continue forever!

Abraham was called to “Go out from His country, family, and father’s house” (Gen 12:1) and not even given a destination.  I can almost imagine God speaking the word “Go” to Abraham and then Abraham asking “Okay, Where?”.  I can almost see God smiling and pointing a direction and saying “Go that way until I say stop!”  What was it in Abraham that gave him the faith to follow this command?  I believe that He obeyed, because he had truly come to know the One giving the command!!!  His desire was to please the Lord in all things, and this gave him the faith to be recklessly obedient!!!

No matter what God is speaking to us, we must be fully and completely obedient!!!  The more we know Him, the more we will be able to trust Him and that He will not only take care of us, but abundantly bless us as we go.  I encourage you to examine your life right now. Is the Lord speaking to you?  What is the Lord telling you to do?  Have you been completely obedient to Him?  If not, why?

If there is any place in your life where you do not hear the Lord speaking or you are not being fully obedient to Him, this is the time you need to be spending getting to know Him!  You need to know His voice and who He is so as He speaks you hear and are able to be obedient no matter what He is speaking!!!

I do not say this from a place where I have always been completely obedient, but I am learning that the best things in life come from being obedient!!!  Obediently, I went to YWAM and God used this to prepare me for marriage and ministry.  I was obedient in my waiting for God’s Best and He opened my eyes to the treasure in front of me, my Beloved!  Now, I must continue to be obedient in stepping into the ministry that He has created for me.  The best things is that it is better than I could have dreamed or asked for!!!  He knew not only what I wanted, but what I was designed to do.  He prepared me with everything I would need (including the best ministry partner ever!!!).  As both of us continue to grow in being obedient, we are growing into the people that He created us to be!!!

I bless you with knowing who you are, Whose you are, and growing into the perfectly designed plan that He has created just for you!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

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