The Beginning!!!

It is always hard to identify where something like this begins.  How do two people get to the point where they leave everything behind and against the wisdom of the world GO!!!  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Many of you may not have heard exactly what is taking place.  God has granted to me to start one of the greatest adventures of my life becoming the husband to a Beautiful Bride!!!  At the time this blog is being written, we are just under the 3 week mark, 19 days to be exact, from the time we will become One, Always and Forever!!!  I could not be a more blessed man than when God opened my eyes to His very best that was right in front of me!!!

I had been searching for a youth pastor position for more than 4 years with relatively no success. I had one offer from a church that I knew I could never work for.  About 2 months before the date of the wedding, God confirmed in both Katie and myself that I was to “close the door” to looking for a youth pastor position.  This sent us into a time of intensely seeking the Lord about the next step in our lives.  I had a sense that we would be going, but did not let Katie know so I did not influence what God was saying to her.  One month before the wedding, God confirmed this in Katie.  This set us on a week of intense prayer and fasting and seeking the Lord.  Before the week was up, God had given us very clear direction that we were supposed to go with haste into the nations.  He called us to begin going Northeast and to travel to churches encouraging, strengthening, and discipling while setting people on fire with the sustainable Fire of His Presence!!!  Several specific nations were revealed, along with more than 8 pages of words that now began to make sense.

After so long in crying out for a word of direction, both Katie and I were more than beyond ourselves to be obedient to whatever God had for us.  Even better than this, it is what we wanted to do!!!  God has given us the desires of our hearts and was waiting for the correct time to reveal it to us so that we were able and willing to be completely obedient and walk in full faith that He would fulfill everything that He promised!!!

We will be updating more as we go about words, dreams, and visions that have been confirmations that we are supposed to go!!! I want to encourage you, that the whole time you are crying out to the Lord, He hears you and is working!!!  He is preparing you and the place He is calling you to. When everything is in order, you are the strongest and most ready to partner with Him.  The only time you fail is if you give up or settle along the way or if you are disobedient to what He is calling you to do!  There is a saying that one of my mentors always uses in talking about purity but applies to everything that God has for us.  Never settle for less than God’s very Best!!!  I encourage you to take some time right now, examine your life and ask Holy Spirit to reveal any place where you are living less than He has for you.  Be obedient to Him and walk into the very Best that He has been planning and preparing especially for you!!!

By Jeremiah Gibson

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