Year of Activation 2021

I have been meditating on a word that came up in my spirit the evening of the December 31st and the morning of January 1st. As I continued to dwell on this word, I began to understand that this is the year of activation.

Activate: to make something active or operative: (1): to set up or formally institute (an organized group, such as a military unit) with the necessary personnel and equipment (2): to put (an individual or unit) on active duty.

This definition is quite revealing about 2021! It is time for the Body of Christ to become active and operative in The Kingdom. As a whole, I believe last year was the year of Awakening and Arming. Those who were asleep were awakened to things they may not have been aware of in the world around them. Truth was revealed. Also, it was a time of arming. The rest that was required was a time to gain new spiritual weapons that may have been missing, forgotten, or neglected because of busyness. It was also a time to hone the weapons that were in use but needed to be sharpened.

2020 was a year of sowing to The Spirit. The importance of the spiritual disciplines (prayer, worship, reading and declaring the Bible, fasting, persevering in the promises, assembly of the brotherhood…) became more evident than ever before! As I was talking with my Dad, he told me about a cartoon he had seen. One person was talking to the other and said, “I wonder what 2021 will bring?”. The other answered and said “Corn”. The first questioned him about this and the response was, “I planted corn, so I am expecting corn.”

What have you sown?

What are you currently sowing?

This is the year that the seeds that have been sown and are being sown will be activated that advancement and acceleration can take place. Last year, I unexpectedly got the opportunity to go and minister in the nation of Chaz/CHOP. Though this nation only lasted one month (inside Seattle, WA) a group of guys and I were able to see numerous healings, salvations, and deliverances in a literal war zone within the US. Aside from this, my family sowed into souls and the nations of the world in an unprecedented way.

Now, at the beginning of the year God is sending me out first thing. I and my family are sowing this year to souls in this nation and around the world. God has called me to travel this week to Washington D.C. to minister to the estimated 10 million people gathering to protest around The Capitol. I believe that what we sowed last year has led to this unique opportunity. I also believe that this trip at the very beginning of the year will be not only reaping what we sowed last year, but will be sowing seed into the new year to reap abundant harvest.

What have you sown?

What are you currently sowing?

One of the intercessors that I contacted as a prayer covering for this trip told me a vision she had about a field of fallow and debris-ridden ground being plowed and suddenly a ripe grain harvest was right in front of the plow. The plowing continued even as the harvest continued in the same field.

It is time to activate as individuals so that the entire body of Christ will activate as well! This is the word that is promised to us:

… the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. Daniel 11:32 ESV

This is a year of knowing Him in new and exciting ways!!! As this takes place, the promise is that you will not only stand firm no matter what you are faced with, but you will take action in His Kingdom!!!

What have you sown?

What are you currently sowing?

I bless you to know and sow with The Sower, be activated by The Spirit, and walk with The Lord of the Harvest!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

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