God’s Got Your Back!!!

The adventure that God has called us to has finally begun.  It is almost surreal to realize that I am married to the most beautiful woman that God blessed me with, and that our global journey has begun!  God is so awesome, and He knows that if I had tried to do things my way, in either of these situations, I would have royally messed things up! But God blessed me and I was obedient so I am where I am today.

God in His wisdom knows that we need continued confirmation of what He is doing so He confirmed our ministry again with an undeniable appointment.  Our flight to NY took us first  to North Carolina.  While we were waiting for our flight to DFW to arrive, Katie turned to me and said she thought she recognized one of the guys waiting with us to board the plane.  She thought it was one of the brothers of someone from our church.  I almost went and asked him, but just briefly mentioned to God that if it was him, I might be able to talk to him on the plane or something.  Well, we boarded the plane and sat down and along comes this fellow, Larry, and he was seated right next to Katie.  Before he sat down, I asked him if his name was Larry and he gave me this bewildered look.  Eventually, I explained the whole situation and we got to share with him about what we were doing and where we were headed.

It was great that God took care of all the hard stuff because He knew!  When we were getting ready to land, I switched seats with Katie so that she could watch all the scenery and was now sitting next to Larry.  I had seen that often when he was talking, he would move his neck in an abnormal way.  I asked him if it was hurting, and he explained how he had been in a car accident when he was 19.  His neck had hurt ever since.  I got to talk to him a while about healing and eventually he said to me, “Yeah, I can handle that.” And asked me to pray on the spot for him.  I was actually about to ask him if I could pray, but he beat me to it.  I was a little disappointed that his neck was not instantaneously healed, but I felt Holy Spirit moving as I prayed.

I pray that he was blessed through our conversations and prayer for him.  Obviously, God set all this up in a way that we could not mess up unless we really were trying hard.  He also used this as a confirmation that we were where we were supposed to be and that He was leading our every step.

I want to encourage just like the title said that God has got your back!  He works all things together for His good to them that love Him!  As you go through this life, whether you are on a plane, in the workplace, in the store, school, or whatever; always be looking for what God is doing and where He is calling you to speak.  He sets up these little appointments that you can ignore or walk away from.  However, you are always called to be a blessing to those around you.  As long as you are listening to the Lord and obedient to His calling, amazing things will happen and you just get to be a part of the work that God is doing.

I bless you with the ability to know the Lord and walk with Him in such a way that you know He has got your back and will not let you mess things up.  Walk in the power of the Lord and be a blessing to all those around you!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

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