Slumbering, Sick Church vs Awakened, Adoptive Bride

On May 10, 2019, I was 10 days into a 40 day Breakthrough fast and I had a dream the Lord has now released me to share.

It carries both a wake up call (I strongly encourage you to read Isaiah 63 and allow the Lord to provoke your being in whatever way(s) necessary); as well as a call to action.

Undoubtedly, this is a wake up call to declaring war on inaction. We must stand, watch and pray. This carries with it direct correlation to the releasing of pent up Kingdom storehouses. As demonic delay and devices are removed through prayer and intercession, the Ekklesia will begin to see a greater push of the Harvest in the deepest places.

In the dream I was in a building like a large house and I was in the living room area. There was a large group of people in the room and we had a young child there with us around the age of one. Some kind of worship was happening and there was a sense of trying to wake people up to what was taking place.

A friend of ours was there and her son went over to her. She picked him up and I watched her talking to him and smiling. There was a hallway with some doors behind her that I saw someone go through. This person was in some kind of leader like role almost like the president. I followed him through one door and then another; and entered into what felt like a huge rainforest with massive waterfalls in the distance. There was also a large Buddhist temple on the ledge where the waterfall was. I saw a group of females that were trying to lead a new religion with Oprah Winfrey as their leader. They were dressed in tribal attire, but were naked and exposed, to promote the ‘freedom’ of their perverse religion.

As I stood and observed this taking place, upon the rocky ledge across from the waterfall, Oprah appeared wearing an ornate flowing red gown. They began to sing a song that felt like a musical, it’s intent used to lure females into this feminist religion. They were like sirens swinging from vines, performing atrociously.

I was appalled and disgusted at what was taking place and I went to the man who was with me and said, “This is horrible! You can’t let this continue! We must stop this!“ He replied, “Come with me“, and we went back through the door where I saw windows for people to observe from the room and to either be drawn in or to stand against it.

On the other side of the room, I followed him through another door and I discerned a familiarity. It was a colorful dirty room like I encounter many times in India. There were children of many ages sitting on the floor with a woman at the front talking as if it were a classroom. I looked at all the children and compassion over took me. I discerned that these children were in the foster care system and they were living in not good conditions, not knowing what true happiness is.

I began to weep saying to the man who are now understood to be an angel, “This isn’t right! Someone needs to do something!“ He replied, “YOU do something!“ I then ran back through the door to the room from the beginning and yelled to everyone there, telling them to come and see this room and take these children as their own, they need families. I began to shake the people awake (The Church) and draw their focus from the lure of the first room (sin), to the second room (adoption).

The first room was designed by the enemy to draw people into a perverse and sinful lifestyle with ‘no consequences’, and to blind them by lust of the flesh and riches.

The children in the second room were the result of those had given into the first room. People began to snap out of the lure and go to the second room to adopt the children and soon, there was a long line.

Our friend in the beginning represented one who’d been adopted and will adopt. Even singles will take up this cause, especially minorities.

I awoke from the dream at 4:44am knowing this to be a wake up call to The Church to the spirit of adoption.

Isaiah 63:16 AMP “For [most certainly] You are our Father, even though Abraham [our ancestor] does not know us And Israel does not acknowledge us. You, O LORD, are [still] our Father, Our Redeemer from everlasting is Your name.”

TPT “For You are our loving Father. Even if our ancestors Abraham and Jacob, don’t acknowledge us, You, O Yahweh, are our loving Father! From ancient times Your name is our Redeemer.”

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