A Good Way to Get Hungry

This is a quote that I have heard David Hogan mention several times concerning fasting. “Fasting is a good way to get hungry.” Taken literally, this is obvious. The best way to get hungry is to not eat. The flesh overwhelmingly become obvious. This is so evident that there is even a term that was invented for the feeling of anger that comes from being hungry, “Hangry”.

However, if you take this spiritually, you will begin the journey to unlocking a hidden relic that has been forgotten and minimized by church leaders and lay people alike. Fasting is a good way to develop spiritual hunger. Spiritual hunger is necessary to advance in nearly every area in The Kingdom.

If hunger is so important, how do you get hungry? Fasting is one way, perhaps one of the most neglected ways, for hunger to be developed within a disciple. This is one reason that I have written and now published my first book, The 40: The Hidden Relic of Fasting. This is a resource that I pray will assist you in uncovering a hidden treasure that will be invaluable for the disciple.

If you would like to order a copy of The 40 from us, you can follow this link – The 40: The Hidden Relic of Fasting

I pray that you will be blessed with hunger for The Lord that will propel you into deeper places with Him!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

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