The Send

These days are unlike any other. The time for an ending of one era and the transition into another is upon us; and it is time to rise up, charge forth, and give our whole ‘YES!’ to Jesus!

I am here in Orlando, Florida for The Send, a nationwide and global gathering of followers of The Way, the generation of ‘Yes!’ rising up. These are of those who will go to the furthest reaches of the earth driven by Love, that all the world will know Jesus and of His great Love for the nations.

As I sat in prayer on the patio at my place of stay watching the darkness melt away and give birth to new light, I could hear the Lord saying to me again what He spoke two mornings ago, “The Dawn of the Sent Ones is Here!”

I saw a vision of a wave of His Burning Ones charging forth with red banners in their hands. They carried in their hands the banners of His Love and blood, rolling across the nations. With blazing fire in their eyes, they ran undaunted and undistracted. Their eyes were set on Jesus, the eternal prize, being made manifest in the nations. With every step, the soil burned and crackled with impressions of their feet stamped into it. A trail of red followed them as their banners swept across the earth. Jesus led the charge at the head, and He also came behind them and everywhere they went, leaving a stain of red from His banners, He followed with His glistening purity to cleanse and set apart. I heard His say,

“The banners of My blood and Love are charging forth across the nations carried in the hands of My Burning Ones. At a distance, it appears to be an ocean of red. As they charge forth, their feet make permanent impressions in the soil of the nations that penetrates to the heart. Their feet leave a burning impact as they burn with the fire of My desire. The nations will look out and see this tsunami of red and flee; but this wave is inescapable and it is undeniable.


Here they come in power and victory! They are clothed in righteousness and written upon them is their ‘YES!’ In their own blood; for their laid-down love and obedience to Me. Do you see them now? Do you hear them now? Feel the earth tremble and quake at their coming!

Truly, THE SEND IS HERE! A great army has arisen and I lead the charge! I go before them and I come behind them, washing the bloodstains from the earth. You will see a glistening radiating forth as I come behind them. The gleam and glow of Righteousness Restored will trail behind them and leave a Kingdom impacts for eternity. See it now!”

As I write this, I am standing amidst the mile-long line that continues to lengthen, with those who waiting to get into the Camping World Stadium. I am surrounded by those singing at the top of their lungs the praises of Jesus and also observing young people that are deceived and operating as scoffers and mockers.


My earnest prayer and heart’s desire is that these Burning Ones would be unrelenting in the Love of Christ and defenders of the Truth of the Word of God. That the hearts of His Sent Ones would burn with the fire of His desire unto the fruit of salvation.

Luke 12:49 (TPT)

“I have come to set the earth on fire. And how I long for every heart to be already ablaze with this fiery passion for God!”

To make Him known,
Katie, Pure Fire of Yahweh

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